This Guy Gets Girls' Numbers By Playing Connect Four Via Tinder

Man uses board games to run game.

Tinder has made it easier than ever to meet prospective mates, but it still requires that delicate matter of getting the other person to give you his/her phone number. But one genius Tinder user has conjured up a way to forgo that awkward stage by instead getting the girl on the other end of the conversation caught up in a game of cyber Connect Four.

Before they even know what hit 'em, they're locked into a game of strategy and wit. And by the time his board game game-running has run its course, they're giving him their numbers. "Hey so since I beat you in connect 4 you owe me your phone number," is the typical response he sends after a round of competition, and IT WORKED EVERY TIME — at least based on the screenshots on this imgur post.

And by the way, when he got bored of his Connect Four winning streak, he started up a game of Tic-Tac-Toe...

...with the same results!

So now everyone has learned a clever new way to score on Tinder, as well as the true use for those colored circle emojis.