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This Instagram Of Kylie Jenner Has Everyone Asking About Her Nipple Piercing

Maybe she was just cold???

Since Kylie Jenner and her cohort of famous, beautiful sisters are well-known for their ability to throw a party, it was safe to assume that they'd be doing New Year's Eve right.

And while Kylie obviously posted a cute photo to ring in the new year: was a picture posted by Shamari, a member of her BFF circle, that really caught the internet's attention:

Like, I don't want to be rude if she was just cold, but that looks bar-shaped. Does Kylie have her nipples pierced? And if so, why am I just now finding out? Maybe it was a last-minute stunt to ring in the New Year? Or maybe there's some things that the prying eyes of the public don't necessarily get to know just because Kylie is famous.

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