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Will 2015 Bring Us A New Album From Macklemore?

The rapper took to Twitter to let fans know the follow-up to The Heist is on its way.

Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis dominated the charts and conversations of 2013 with their pair of smash hits "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love," but things were relatively quiet for the duo over the last two years. Uneventful except for that controversy involving Kendrick Lamar and the Grammys of course.

But it looks like the follow up their last album, 2012's The Heist is going to be here sooner than expected.

Yesterday (January 1), the rapper seized on an ordinary tweet from a fan inquiring about when we could get more Macklemore—and let us know that it would be this very year!

What a way to make an announcement! Imagine how much this fan's mentions on Twitter have exponentially blown up since Macklemore used him as a conduit for this news! We'll be eagerly waiting—and scouring our Twitter feeds—for more information about the new project. Happy 2015 indeed.