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Drake's Rap Battle Event Is Coming - Here's How He's Involved

King of the Dot's Organik gives us the lowdown on how Drake became involved with rap battles.

Drake is known to make headlines, so you can imagine all the excitement around the rap battle community when the OVO logo appeared in the December 3 trailer for King of the Dot’s upcoming Blackout 5 battle event.

After seeing Drizzy spit bars in a video posted on VladTV in October (which you can watch below) and after Murda Mook told MTV News that Drake actually challenged him to a battle in September, there have been some serious questions about how Drizzy would be involved with Blackout 5, with some even suggesting that he might put himself in a battle.

So, with all of this speculation, MTV News reached out to King of the Dot's founder and CEO, Organik, on December 20 to get the details.

"Drake's directly involved with setting up the event with me," Organik said. "Everything from having input on who's battling who and everything like that. He's pretty much been my right-hand-man for this event.

"Me and him have been shooting around ideas on who we want to see, what we think would be dope," he added. "We come up with the ideas and then I go make it happen."

Okay, so we know Drake's co-hosted battles like the one above between Dizaster and DNA, and we also know he's been vocal about his love for the sport, but could he really be battling Murda Mook like this stand-off picture the two MCs took in August suggests?

To hear Mook tell it, Drake was serious when he said their battle would be "the biggest battle in history."

Well, if the rumored Mook battle ever does happen, Organik tells us it’s going to take place on King of the Dot.

“[Drake] won’t battle anywhere else,” Organik said. “If he were to battle, he would only battle on King of the Dot. That’s a promise he’s already made and set in stone. It makes no sense for him to battle anywhere else, really. This is his home. We’re the people that have been working together.”

Whether Drake battles at Blackout 5 or not, his involvement is still important for KOTD.

"Drake’s involvement means a lot,” Organik said. "He’s the biggest international superstar who’s ever come out of Canada. The fact that he’s a big fan of King of the Dot, watches it, supports it, is involved in it, it means a lot.

"It’s almost like showing a light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of these rappers,” Organik added. "It lets them know that there are people who appreciate their talents. The world is watching.”

Blackout 5 is set to go down February 2015 in Toronto, Canada. The mysterious trailers for each battler involved with the event are being released, but the match-ups won't be revealed until the day of the battles.