Listen To Big Boi Tear Into Remix Of Maroon 5's 'Animals'

Just like animals!

Big Boi released a new verse into the wild on the remix of Maroon 5’s “Animals.”

J. Cole took the pop hit for a lyrical spin back in September, now it’s the Outkast MC’s turn and, surprise, surprise, he doesn’t disappoint.

Fueled by carnal desires, the ATLien delivers rhythmic lines soaked with metaphorical pheromones.

“Astronaut, plant a pole with a flag on it/best she ever had and clearly all she really ever wanted/homie, hashtag you can never be this, another hashtag Stevie Wonder you will never see this/I run my fingers over that cleavage like I’m reading brail/she’s the leading lady in every one of my freaky tales,” he raps.

Just like animals, animals! Listen to the remix below: