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Demi Lovato Rocks Skechers Like Nobody's Business In Colorful New Commercial

Is it just me, or is Demi Lovato everywhere lately? On top of being the face of N.Y.C. New York Color Cosmetics and starting her own skincare line, Demi has been named the spokesperson for Skechers until 2016 (like I said, EVERYWHERE). Her colorful first commercial for the sneaker brand was just released, and I'm just gonna be real with you—she somehow manages to make the thought of wearing Skechers...kind of...inspiring?


Even though it's just a commercial for shoes, Demi makes sure to keep her message of being bold and unique at the forefront, saying "People say I'm unique. Maybe it's because of my hair. Or maybe it's the way my nails match my mood?"

Honestly it's probably just because you're an all-around badass, Demi, but whateva floats your boat.


She also calls out her edgy style, and while normally I wouldn't associate Skechers with the word "edgy," Demi is straight up werking a rainbow-hued pair from the brand's Flex Appeal memory foam collection to the point where I'm kind of like, um, obsessed with them, now?


Basically this commercial is yet another testament to the fact that Demi Lovato can do no wrong. If you want to get a matching pair of Demi's 'Pretty Please' Flex Appeal shoes for yourself Lovatics, hit up the Skechers website, and check out Demi in all her glory in the full length commercial below!