Finn Wittrock Reveals The Secret Behind His 'American Horror Story' Murder Success

It's all about choosing those victims.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

No disrespect to Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) or those two-headed ladies, but "American Horror Story: Freak Show" has been all about the Dandy Mott. Finn Wittrock -- a newcomer to the series -- has stolen scenes, slashed throats, and done naked push-ups with the body of a demi-God with ease, so when MTV News caught up with the actor when he was out promoting his film "Unbroken," we just had to find out: how does he do it?

The secret, as it turns out, is all in the choice of victims.

"I only kill celebrities," Wittrock said with a laugh, referring of course to the onscreen deaths of Patti LaBelle, Frances Conroy, and Matt Bomer.

All jokes aside, Wittrock told MTV that he credits his success to the show's already enthusiastic fan base.

"I was lucky, I think, because I came into a show that already had a rabid fan base," he said. It was already there. I think this season topped itself, but it's been fun. The character has taken more twists and turns than people thought. At first he was kind of written off, and then the writers have given me a lot of colors to play with."

"Unbroken" hits theaters on December 25.