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Archie Gets A Hot New Makeover: See The Exclusive Pics

Mark Waid and Fiona Staples are coming to Riverdale!

With Reporting by Alex Zalben

The people of Riverdale are about to get an extreme (and extremely awesome) makeover.

Archie Comics just announced the impending arrival of "ARCHIE" #1, a new-reader friendly reset of the Riverdale High School gang's adventures, coming in 2015, timed with Archie's 75 year anniversary.

The new series is written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Fiona Staples, two of the comic book industry's greatest talents — Waid being the writer behind Marvel's amazing relaunch of "Daredevil," and Staples being the insanely imaginative illustrator of Image's "Saga," among many other highlights for both.

The two top-level artists are joining forces on "ARCHIE," and the results will look a little something like this:

Archie Comics

That's an Archie Andrews for the modern day; a preliminary illustration from Staples, and not the final version, but you certainly get the idea.

"[Fiona is] so talented, so wonderful," Archie Comics publisher and CEO Jon Goldwater tells MTV. "She was our first choice for this book and we are so glad she said yes. Her art feels so vibrant, so of-the-moment. She instantly gives these characters a modern, current look. You just look at it and you know 'that’s it!'"

While Staples will put her own touch on characters, her designs also remain loyal to what fans have come to know and expect from Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest in their nearly 75-year history.

"She’s a fan," says Goldwater. "She loves these characters and can talk your ear off about them – she gets what things need to stay in place to let people know that yes, this is Archie. Or yes, this is Jughead. But she’s also not afraid to tinker and revamp stuff to showcase these iconic characters in a modern light. It’s been amazing to watch, and we’re just getting on the ride."

Archie Comics

The new "ARCHIE" series is bound to appeal to the comics crowd, considering the level of work fans have come to expect from Waid and Staples — and Goldwater expects that it will appeal to a wider audience as well.

"Archie, unlike Marvel and DC, has a wider reach in terms of the casual buy as far as the newsstand and mass market," he says. "The goal with 'ARCHIE' #1 is to in fact widen the reach – accessible, fun, funny and heartfelt stories by two amazing talents. This is an Archie comic for today’s reader – whether it’s a longtime comic fan following the talent onto a new book or a longtime Archie fan excited to see their favorite characters in the present day."

"ARCHIE" #1 debuts in 2015.