Lauren Conrad's New Kohl's Collection Will Make You Forget Snow Exists

Also, her long hair is back!

While the weather may be getting drearier by the minute, there is one bright spot shining through the imminent winter weather—Lauren Conrad's December collection. While her November collection was all holiday party-ready looks and cute sweaters, this one is looking forward to spring, with an emphasis on florals and dresses.

First of all, can we call out how long Lauren's hair is here?! While we'd gotten used to her long, perfectly tousled waves, seeing her with them now is, in a way, bizarre. We are so into her multi-chop bob that even though her beach ponytail is perfect, we miss the lob.

Can we also highlight, um, how pleasant winters in L.A. look? Beaches? Swings? Grass? Sign us up. Also please sign us up for this tulle skirt dress, KTHX.

Liiike, bare legs in the middle of December? Yes, please. This floral jacquard dress, BTW, comes in three colors and will definitely pair with tights, if need be.

For those of us in colder climates, you can rep your love of florals in this sweater, which will keep you warm and remind you that spring will come...eventually.

And, finally, for those of us who prefer to ~chill~ the entire winter season, there are soft leggings and slouchy sweaters, perfect for the occasion.

You can peep the full collection on LC's website and, if you're in the market, pick up anything that strikes your fancy on Kohl's website.