Benedict Cumberbatch Finally Breaks His 'Doctor Strange' Silence

And yet he still says nothing!

For months and months, Benedict Cumberbatch artfully dodged any and all "Doctor Strange" questions tossed his way.

For example, when we caught up with the man at Comic-Con, he coughed up a believable excuse for why his schedule would prevent him from starring in the Marvel Studios movie:

When Cumberbatch's name resurfaced in the past couple of months, we asked him about the "Strange" rumors once again, only to have him completely dodge our questions at the "Penguins of Madagascar" press junket:

Now, the secret is out: Benedict Cumberbatch is finally, officially, the Sorcerer Supreme — and here's the best part: now that he's allowed to talk about it, he's still saying nothing!

Here's Cumberbatch finally "weighing in" on starring in Marvel's new superhero movie, in a new interview with Hey U Guys:

Oh, that Cumberbatch. He's not just the Master of the Mystic Arts; he's also the Master of Avoiding Every Single "Doctor Strange" Question, Ever.

"Doctor Strange" hits theaters on November 4, 2016. One assumes that Cumberbatch will actually discuss the role before then.