Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Timbaland Shared A Full-Length Preview Of Tink And Andre 3000's Infidelity Anthem 'UFO'

This just makes us want the official version more.

At this point, fans are chomping at the bit for the forthcoming collaboration between rising Chicago R&B singer Tink, Andre 3000, and Timbaland to come out.

We already know it's called "UFO," because Timbaland released a snippet of it on Instagram recently, and now he's given the track a longer preview. Appearing last night on the streaming site HangWith, Timbaland allowed those watching to hear to the song in its entirety.

Last year Timbaland announced he'd be taking Tink under his wing, and their collaborations have only recently started appearing—a few weeks ago he leaked a version of "Moving Bass," a Rick Ross collaboration, that featured a verse from her.

As for this, the song sounds every bit as promising as fans have hoped. Timbaland himself can barely contain his excitement as he beams and raps along to Tink and Andre 3000’s double time verses.

The song is about infidelity, indicated by Timbaland’s clever chorus: “I think my girl might be cheating on the low…UFO, is you f—ing other n—gas?” he spits.

Andre 3000’s verse follows. While some of his words are obscured by the low audio quality, he seems to be describing a scene of confrontation. He runs up the stairs, accusing his lover of unfaithfulness as she packs her bags.

“Woman, tell me what is going on?” he raps, his voice dulcet as ever.

Tink is known for deftly navigating between honeyed R&B croons and silver-tongued lyricism, and her verse here is no exception. She’s never sounded better, drenching her double-time rhymes with catchy melodies.

“Come on, Tink!” yells Timbaland, exuberant.

Expect to hear a full version of “UFO” in the very near future.