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Forget Emojis, Use This New App To Quickly Text Rap Lyrics To Your Friends

Ditch those old emojis.

By Christopher Harris

"Time to stop texting like a basic b---" is the tagline for a new app. called RapKey. The innovative mobile messaging platform, allows users to send pre-loaded rap lyrics to their friends, instead of ordinary responses.

Just think about all the times, a 2 Chainz' lyric made sense to send to someone you were texting. Now, there's an extensive database of popular hip-hop phrases and lyrics at your fingertips.

Jonah Kaner, a Babson college student, created the app. because he was constantly messaging rap lyrics to his friends and family to lighten up their conversations. Kaner linked with a classmate, Ativ Katel, to get RapKey coded and functional and last month, it hit iTunes' app. store.

Forget about your emojis -- RapKey is compatible with iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Yik Yak and just about any program that utilizes a keyboard. Not only is it currently free, but it's constantly updated and anyone can submit lyrics to use via the website.

Kaner, recently shared with a Boston-based tech website that his favorite lyric to use at the moment is: Kenrick Lamar's "It go Halle Berry or hallelujah.”

Before you head to the app. store, Check out five more useful lyrics RapKey offers:

Where are you?

"If I haven't passed you yet, watch me catch up now, for real." -- Drake

What are your plans this weekend?

"Ain't got f----n' time to party on the weekend." -- ILoveMakonnen

What are you doing?

"Hold up wait a minute, ya'll thought I was finished?!! -- Meek Mill

Who is this? I lost my contacts.

"I be that pretty motherf----" -- A$AP Rocky

Why I aren't you answering me? I see your read receipts.

"I don't f--- with youuuuuuuu." -- Big Sean