Meet The Indigenous Youth Who Made Such A Difference In Their Communities That It Brought Them To The White House

A new initiative from the White House called "Gen-I" seeks to highlight the perspective of Indigenous teens in America.

Many of us probably don't know what it's like to grow up on a reservation, and a host of new documentary series like "Rebel Music" and the newly-launched "Gen-I" are seeking to change that.

"Gen-I," or Generation Indigenous is a new initiative launched yesterday in conjunction with President Obama and the White House and the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute (CNAY) to focus on providing a national native youth network for Indigenous youth across the country.

What are the unique challenges and hurdles that face Native American teenagers today? What are they doing to make a difference and make their voice heard, both in their communities and in the rest of the country? Well, if you were inspired by MTV's Rebel Music: Native America premiere, it's time to meet more Indigenous youth whose plans to make a difference brought them to the White House.

"Gen-I" follows the stories of several outstanding youth who have changed their communities and made a difference in a major way. These ambassadors were selected to attend the sixth annual Tribal Nations Conference, which was held at the White House this week on Wednesday, December 3.

The short film offers an insiders' perspective into the struggles and successes of these teens—it's an emotional, deeply personal documentary. Watch the documentary below to learn more about the experience of Indigenous youth in America.

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