Does A$AP Rocky Like When People Dress Like Him Or Not?

Rocky contradicts his "Multiply" lyrics in new Ferragamo ad.

Two months ago, A$AP Rocky set off a kind of bomb in the fashion world and beyond when he dropped his return track, "Multiply," where he took shots at brands Hood By Air and Been Trill—along with all of their followers. He flexed his self-proclaimed title as The Fashion Killa, spitting lines like "I'm the motherf--kin' Lord of this fashion s--t/ Don't I deserve just to brag a bit?" He also fired off a warning to his impostors: "Smack the s--t out a n---a in these skinny pants, feel me?/ Don't get it f--ked up, n---a, we been jiggy, been pretty."

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So with that fresh in mind, there's something very surprising about A$AP Rocky's new ad for Ferragamo. No, it's not the fact that the storied brand tapped Rocky to be a part of their "A Man's Story" campaign, which celebrates men that are "making [their] own rules." It's what A$AP says in his video clip.

While recalling his first-ever show, Rocky revealed that the moment he knew he made it was when he saw a bunch of fans dressed like him. "I'm like jeez, man. This is kind of incredible. People were dressed how they saw me dressing in the videos," he says.

The experience was so moving for Rocky, he even cried. "When I got in the car on my way home, I cried because I was happy. That's when I left like I made it."

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So, if you were bummed when Rocky put a ban on HBA and Been Trill, hopefully it'll comfort you to know there was a time when Rocky was touched by people dressing like him. Or maybe he still does? It's all very unclear. Maybe he's only into it if we're all carrying white Ferragamo bags? I'd be willing to try it out, if anyone wants to hook me up with one.