Andre 3000 Wanted His Outkast Tour Jumpsuits To Make You 'Think'

'It's become something greater than what it started,' Three Stacks says of upcoming exhibit of his tour wardrobe.

By Christopher Harris

Next week, fans that missed out on Outkast's 20th anniversary reunion tour will get an opportunity to experience a piece of the action.

All 47 of Andre 3000's politically charged (and sometimes silly) jumpsuits will be on display during Art Basel in Miami. The exhibit will be mounted in conjunction with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Recently, Three Stacks sat down with SCAD's President and founder, Paula Wallace, to discuss what drove him to speak out sartorially and why he chose to memorialize his jumpsuits.

"It was just fun to me," he said. "And it started with one or two suits. ... The response was great. It was to start a conversation and that's what it has done."

The installation, titled “i feel ya: SCAD + André 3000 Benjamin,” will also feature a joint experimental film and abstract art -- inspired by the jumpsuits. But Andre, who designed the suits himself, admits that he didn't believe they'd serve a purpose after the tour.

"I never knew that the suits can turn into a film or any installation in that way," he said. "Its become something greater than what it started. Collaboration makes things greater than what they are.

"Sometimes, we think of these crazy things -- we just don't say them," he added. "I'm just trying to say 'I think.' You know? Just like we all do."

“i feel ya" will be on view Dec. 3 through December 13 at Mana Miami.