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One 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Fan Turned Groot Into A Swing Set

It's pretty Groot.

The Groot times are good times, what with hardcore "Guardians of the Galaxy" fans putting their devotion to good use by coming up with creative art, toys and more. But this is perhaps the single greatest (Grootest?) accomplishment we've seen this side of the fan-made dancing baby Groot:

That's right. A Groot swing. It's a real thing that exists, for some super lucky kid. "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn posted the Groot tree swing on his Tumblr page, saying:

"Wow! Super awesome folks made their kid a Groot swing for an upcoming reality show called Super Fans, Super Builds. I love it."

We love it too, Mr. Gunn. We love it too.

(via Uproxx)