So Hoverboards Are Real Now, And Our Minds Are Officially Blown

We're going back to the future. Right. Now.

With just days to go before the 25th anniversary of "Back to the Future Part II," the real world has finally caught up with the time-traveling exploits of Marty McFly.

We're talking, of course, about hoverboards. Hoverboards are officially real. And if you don't believe us, see for yourself:

That's the Kickstarter video for Hendo Hoverboards, billed as the "world's first REAL hoverboard." And it really is real. The Hendo board prototype stands 1 inch off of the ground right now, and the Kickstarter is asking for donor support to "put the finishing touches on the Hendo Hoverboard, to help us produce them, and to create places to ride them."

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And here's someone who's already been riding the hoverboard: Tony Hawk.

And here's moon-walking astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the hoverboard:

So, basically, the future is now, and we're months away from riding hoverboards up and down every single street in 'Murica, leading epic chase scenes right down Main Street, right?

No, not exactly. Hendo's technology needs improvement, and the price-point isn't exactly affordable; it costs a pledge of $10,000 to actually receive a hoverboard, and all spots at that pledge level are already occupied. But with the Kickstarter already well past its funding goal — and with 24 days still to go — anything's possible... eventually.

Regardless, Marty would be proud.

(via THR)