We Actually Got Aaron Carter To Watch The 'Aaron's Party' Video For The Very First Time ... And It's Hilarious

Aaron's dropping a new album soon, but first he's gotta finally watch his unforgettable video from the year 2000.

After more than 10 years since releasing new music, 15 years since the release of "Aaron's Party," and 17 years since the release of his self-titled debut album, which dropped when he was just 10, Aaron Carter -- now 26, is back.

Not only does the "That's How I Beat Shaq" singer have a full-length studio LP in the works, but he recently embarked on his Wonderful World Tour to support his new music, including the song "Ooh Wee."

"The message of the album is don't give up on your dreams," he told us when he stopped by MTV News in New York. "I mean, look at what I've been going through. It's been really, really tough, you know?," referring to the the death of his sister, filing for bankruptcy and spending time in rehab for drug abuse issues.

And though there were times he wanted to call it quits, he's since taken these tragic experiences and learned how to believe in himself again: "There was times where I didn't even want to smile. I was afraid to look at my reflection in the mirror because of what I looked like and I've learned how to just be comfortable with myself and be a man," he explained. "Nothing is perfect, but I'm going to do the best I can, I'm going to release music and keep doing it now. I had a long hiatus where I didn't release any music, and that's not going to happen again because I've worked so hard to get where I'm at... I've got a lot of proving to do and, that's what the message of this album is: Don't ever give you on yourself."

While we (and Aaron's fans) couldn't be more thrilled to hear that Aaron's in a better place personally and professionally, there was no way we were letting him out of our studios without celebrating some of the most memorable moments from his musical past too. First thing on the docket? Revisiting his "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" music video.

When watching the 2000 hit with Aaron (a surreal experience -- trust me), we learned so many things we never knew before. Um, including the extremely surprising fact that this was his first time seeing the "Aaron's Party" video -- which we have a hard time believing -- and that the video may have possibly served as inspiration for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop."

"Macklemore copied me!" Aaron laughed. "For real, look at the video. That was me! I did that! I did that, Macklemore!"

Aaron continued: "Bro, how can you expect me to let that go? You could've just hollered at me, I would've been in 'Thirft Shop,' bro. I would've come in and made a little cameo for you. That was my scene."