Pucker Up! Meghan Trainor's Video For ‘Lips Are Movin’ Is Here

And we're taking you behind-the-scenes!

Meghan Trainor gave us bass and now she's giving us sass.

The "All About That Bass" singer just dropped her brand-new video for "Lips Are Movin," the second single off her upcoming album Title,.

WATCH: Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin" Video

Like her "Bass" video, this clip highlights Meghan's playful side as she belts out the song in front of several colorful backgrounds, shows off some dance moves and gives us a whole lot of lip.

"This video is going to be awesome because it's not just a story or a theme of 'here's a boy and here's me and me yelling at him,' " Meghan told MTV News when we visited her on the set of the video. "It's like, 'Here's me being sassy and other people dancing with me and having just a good time and trying to get through this feeling of, Ugh he's cheating on me again.' Like, 'I know you're lying, but that's OK because I'm gonna find the next guy. I'm good.' "

Also there to help her get over her no-good, lying, cheating boyfriend were some of the biggest social-media influences on the 'Net.

Meghan teamed up with tech company HP to create the first-ever production team consisting of Vine, Instagram and YouTube stars from around the world tapped to produce her music video.

"I love HP for doing this with me. It's the first time any artist has done this, which is pretty risky," said Meghan, whose album is coming January 13. "But I'm down to do it; I think it's amazing."

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So no, you weren't dreaming when you saw cameos from some of your favorite online stars, including Marcus Johns, Chachi, Robby Ayala, Cody Johns and more. Everyone on set had a role: whether choreographer, dancer, set designer or hair and makeup artists. The Internet stars even went a bit further, pushing Meghan to get out of her comfort zone.

"We have all these beautiful sets here. We have different colors and I usually wear all black-on-black because I don't like a lot of colors," Meghan explained. "But I thought this was so cute and fun and my blonde hair looks great with pink behind me, so I think it will be fun."