12 Starter Pack Memes Worth Unpacking

Dibs on the 'Don't Call Me 'Til Tomorrow.'

Anyone out there got a listicle starter pack?

The meme heard and seen ‘round the world is not stopping anytime soon. Some of its incarnations have taken a turn for the inappropriate or offensive, but there's still plenty of viral gold to be mined.

We combed through thousands of the topic-trending memes on Twitter in order to pick out some of the best for your LOL-ing pleasure.

1. The "Don't Call Me 'Til Tomorrow" Starter Pack

2. The "Bae Is Coming Over" Starter Pack

3. The "I Listen To OFWGKTA" starter pack

4. The "Thirsty Boys" Starter Pack

5. The "Drake Fan" Starter Pack

6. The "Grew Up In The '90s" Starter Pack

7. The "My Daughter's A Cheerleader" Starter Pack

8. The "Kylie Jenner (Trout Pout Included)" Starter Pack

9. The "Come Over And Chill" Starter Pack

10. The "I Went To Derp Con So I'm Legit" Starter Pack

11. The "Procrastination" Starter Pack

12. The "How To Make A Starter Pack" Starter Pack