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Not Even Hives Could Stop Solange’s Wedding From Being Flawless

A newly surfaced picture of Solange leaving her stylish family affair wedding day seems to suggest her big day wasn’t hiccup-free. In the photo, you can see the bride distressed and covered in hives, all the while her big sis Beyonce tries to shield her.

As if wedding day jitters weren’t enough of a source of stress—now, this?? Poor Sol. :(

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There’s no word on the cause of her hives but the least far-fetched answer would have to be food-related, right? Or maybe Solange was allergic to the materials of one of her many capes?

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If anyone had a reason to get hives, it would have been Solange's 10-year-old son Juelz who was tasked with dancing in front of the entire Knowles family. Dancing for Queen B—can you imagine that sense of dread? I'm getting hives just thinking about it. But Juelz pulled through like a pro.