7 Of TV's Most Unforgettable Spring Breaks

'Awkward' is off to the beach, but how will the Palos Hills gang's vacation compare?

Having exclusively received rejection letters from colleges so far, Jenna Hamilton has found her future resting on ice -- but that might signal the perfect time to let the heat of spring break wash over her.

Next week, the "Awkward" blogger and her Palos Hills pals will travel toward the border to soak up the sun around Aunt Ally's beach house (error in judgment...?), and as the gang's ski trip proved, anything could happen. Will Jake take up surfing and decide to stick around? Will Sadie hit the sand with a metal detector and uncover enough gold to cover college tuition? It all sounds good, as long as Eva doesn't show up to ruin the fun...

Check out these seven spring break-themed TV episodes that might predict how J-Town's travels will go, and tune in to see how it all goes down on Tuesday night at 10/9c!

1. A test-drive spring break:

"Gilmore Girls"

Proud brainiacs Paris and Rory didn't spend high school upside-down on a keg and, thus, were ill-prepared for the traditional spring break experience. Still, they gave it their best shots.

2. Spring break on a budget:


The Kappa Taus pretty much set the tone for the trip when they took a rusted school bus to a run-down motel in Myrtle Beach. Food came from a vending machine and flip flops were used to open beers, but it still proved to be one hell of a time.

3. Dramatic spring break:

"Laguna Beach"

Anytime LC, Kristin and Steven were in a room together, fights were sure to follow, and the tradition continued south of the border. Safe to say these guys probably won't be welcome back at Club Kaboo anytime soon.

4. Spring break, R&R edition:

"2 Broke Girls"

Big blowouts are emblematic of Tinseltown's version of spring break, but while dog-sitting in a rich couple's apartment, Caroline and Max just wanted to enjoy the comforts of home...at least for a little while.

5. Abraca-spring break:

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch"

Out of fear that new college student Sabrina would get caught up in booze-fueled tomfoolery during her first spring break, the witch's aunts, Hilda and Zelda, cast a spell that made the whole journey a bit of good, clean fun straight from the 1960s.

6. Competitive spring break:

"Spring Break Challenge"

Not everyone is hardwired to relax -- some spring breakers are competitive through and through, and in 2010, MTV pit seven co-ed teams against each other to compete for more than $50,000 in cash and prizes.

7. Scary spring break:

"The O.C."

A trip to Tijuana started off fine for the SoCal friends, but things took a nasty turn when Marissa mixed painkillers with alcohol and wound up passed out in an alley, leaving her friends unsure if she'd survive the night.