Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban Blasts Naya Rivera

'Who the f*ck is Naya to throw in her meaningless comments??' Cheban writes in a blog post.

Kim Kardashian's friend Jonathan Cheban has her back when other people are just staring at it. After her naked photo shoot with Paper mag, commentators aren't saying the nicest things -- including "Glee" actress Naya Rivera.

Along with husband Kanye West's reaction to the oiled-up nudes, Rivera had words of her own, leaving a comment on Kim's Instagram.

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Cheban came to his pal's defense on Wednesday, writing a post on his blog TheDishh titled "I (WE) DON'T F*CK WITH YOU... NAYA! LYRICS BY BIG SEAN!!"

Naya has always been a step BEHIND... And this time she has seriously fallen BEHIND like Daylight Savings Time!

After a year-long tour of impersonating Kim, she decided to come out of her shell and make a real statement about Kim's Paper cover (which has to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest cover all year).

As expected, she's getting some press and when all else fails, use Kim. I'm personally disgusted that after badgering Kim all year and trying to hang out and do business together, she goes and tries to make a statement like this. Yes, Kim is a mother, BUT WHO CARES... have you ever heard of a MILF?! The world wants to see her all day like 1010 Wins. Paper is one of the artsiest magazines and has a legendary reputation for being creative and edgy. Who the f*ck is Naya to throw in her meaningless comments??

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Cheban then went on to provide side-by-side photos of Rivera and Kardashian, claiming Naya is desperately attempting to be the reality TV star.