Julia Panek

18 Things Lorde Can Legally Do Now That She's 18

Drink! Get a tattoo! Set off fireworks! Do it up, girl!

She's won Grammys. Her debut record, Pure Heroine, went platinum. She curated the entire soundtrack for a major motion picture, the upcoming "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1." She's done more in a year that most of us will do...ever.

But until today, guys, she wasn't allowed to drink. She wasn't allowed to bet on a racehorse. She wasn't allowed to buy fireworks. (The injustice!)

She's Lorde (ya ya ya!), and today, November 7, she's officially 18 years old -- which means she has a whole new passel of privileges laid out before her. Take it away, Mr. Rosso!

With a little help from the Citizen's Advice Bureau of New Zealand, the New Zealand Transport Agency and Consumer NZ, we've compiled a list of things that Lorde can legally do now that she's 18 -- at least in her native land. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLA!

1. Be Her Own Legal Guardian

Congrats, Ella! You are now an adult! We would advise you to strike out on your own and spread your wings and fly and whatnot -- if your mom wasn't so cool.

2. Get Married

No pressure, James.

3. Make A Will

If you want to leave that David Bowie record to someone, you know where I'm at, girl.

4. Buy Fireworks

Forget that "Yellow Flicker Beat" -- it's time for a yellow EXPLOSION of rockets and roman candles!

5. Buy A Drink

You know, something a little stiffer than that orange juice you were quaffing with Taylor this a.m.

6. Buy Smokes

Although you shouldn't. Wouldn't want to ruin that platinum voice of yours.

7. Work At A Bar

At closing time you could play your "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" cover while we all weep into our whiskeys, lamenting our broken dreams. Then you could nod sagely, and say... "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

8. Work In A Liquor Store

I feel like Lorde would have a lot of opinions about fine wines. I just do.

9. Become A Police Officer

Get Taylor to join the force, and it's a buddy cop movie waiting to happen.

10. Get A Credit Card

You know, to help you spend that $2.5 million you got from your publishing deal.

11. Take Out A Loan

In case you spend all that cash on purple lipstick and black dresses.

12. Bet On A Racehorse

In case you blow that loan on Cramps T-shirts and blazers.

13. Buy A Lotto Ticket

In case you put all your money on a losing horse.

14. Vote

One vote from Lorde counts as roughly 1,000 votes from a normal person (not real math), so use your power wisely, lady.

15. Run For Office

You may never be royal, but you could still be political, Ella.

16. Serve On A Jury

I am sure you will be fair and balanced.

17. Get A Tattoo

You and Bieber and Selena and Ed can all hit up the parlor together and get matching super-secret celebrity best friends club ink!

18. Ride A Motorcycle

As if Lorde could get any more bad-ass. I don't think a helmet could even contain that majestic mane.