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Lorde Teases Her 'Yellow Flicker Beat' Video, Brings The Androgyny

The clip off the 'Mockingjay' soundtrack drops November 6.

In case you were wondering how Lorde will spend her 18th birthday, we finally have the answer.

Instead of chartering a private jet to Secret Rich Person Island, Ella Yelich O'Connor plans to bless us with the music video for "Yellow Flicker Beat," one of the new songs she composed for the "Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Pt. 1" soundtrack. And she has already begun tweeting teaser stills ahead of the clip's November 6 release.

The good Lorde giveth, but hopefully she won't taketh away.

While the stills are about as dramatic as you'd expect for a song with lyrics like "This is the start of how it all ends," there's one major surprise: Lorde's hair. Gone are the Samson-level locks, and in their stead stands one impressive, scarlet-hued pompadour. On loan from La Roux, maybe?

Here's Lorde, looking like an androgynous badass about to lock up everyone who ever laid a finger on her.

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This still pretty much summarizes our feelings right now.

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We are ready, Lorde. Give unto us the "Yellow Flicker Beat" video.

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Look for the full clip at 6 a.m. EST on Friday (November 6).