4 Things We Learned About 'Girls' From The Season 4 Promo

Hannah snacks, Marnie sings, Elijah rages.

Brooklynites and Brooklyn wannabes (it's OK if you live in Manhattan, we suppose) rejoice, we finally have a new teaser for the next season of HBO's "Girls." Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke and more are back to share updates on their characters' messy lives in the two-minute behind the scenes clip.

Here are four things we learned about the fourth season of "Girls," returning to air in 2015:

1. Hannah Is Stepping Up Her Hair Game


She hasn't decided whether she'll accept her offered spot in the Iowa Writers' Workshop, but she has gotten a cute haircut and learned to (attempted to learn to?) enjoy fruit as a snack. This leaves her and Adam in, needless to say, a bit of a spot.

2. Elijah Goes To Iowa!


Yep, Elijah (Andrew Rannells) is back, and it looks like he's tagging along to Iowa while Hannah makes her big decision about whether she'll go to school. Can we just call it Elijoa and be done with it?

3. We're Meeting Shosh's Mom!


"I always just imagined that she came out of a seashell or a peapod somewhere," Mamet admitted. Ana Gasteyer plays Shosh's dear old ma, and it's safe to say that we'll be seeing plenty of slamming doors this season. MOOOOOOOOOM! (Oh, and Gasteyer isn't the only guest star to pop up, we spotted Zachary Quinto and Gillian Jacobs, among others.)

4. Marnie Will Sing More


"We have tried to take it to a new notch with Marnie singing embarrassing songs in public places," Dunham revealed. Oh, and uh, Marnie seems to be having an affair with her songwriting partner. Yiiiikes.