This Video Perfectly Captures What You're Really Saying To Your Ex During A Break-Up—Watch

There's what you say out loud, then there's what you're really thinking.

Break-ups—they're the worst right? First, there's the fact that after being nestled in a cocoon of love and happiness, you're suddenly thrown back into the cold, cruel world alone again. Then, there's an element of awkwardness within your friend group... and sometimes losing your significant other feels like losing your best friend, too.

Considering the latter half of 2014 has practically been the year of celebrity break-ups—from Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa getting divorced, to Jordin Sparks and Jason DeRulo, and even Britney Spears going back to the single life—this year has been a rough one on true love.

Enter comedian and writer Alison Vingiano, who has crafted the perfect step-by-step breakdown of what we're really thinking and feeling when we inevitably bump into our exes that we haven't quite let go of yet.

The video is so compelling because it shows what the exes say to each other out loud along with subtitles of their actual thoughts underneath. So go ahead, laugh at your own broken heart—sometimes the only way to heal is to poke a little fun at yourself.