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Here's How A Father's Birthday Gift Turned His Teenage Daughter Into A Multi-Millionaire

She's probably never going to get a present that tops this.

Some people are lucky enough to score a really nice present when they turn 19, like a dream car, a nice perfume or maybe even a new computer. But one teen scored the ultimate birthday gift: pure, unadulterated good luck... oh and millions of dollars.

Deisi Ocampo woke up on October 6—her 19th birthday—with no idea that her father's present to her would end up becoming one of the luckiest things that ever happened to her.

“I rarely play the lottery," the Chicago native told ABC News. "My dad buys tickets once in a while and thought it would fun to get me two tickets for my birthday."

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But she thought so little of the tickets that Deisi didn't even scratch them off until the following day—and realized that she had won $4 million.

"I began to shake and sweat out of nervousness. I just couldn’t believe it was real," she said. Uhhh, that's an understandable reaction! Imagine being a teenager and lucking into that kind of money?? And what about her dad, did he want a cut of her lucky winnings?

"He couldn’t believe it, he thought I was teasing him," she said. "When I told him I had won, he asked if it was $500, and I said, ‘No $4 million!’ I will share with my dad so he can buy a new home for my mom, dad and sister."

Awww, a move that generous is proof that Ocampo deserved her good fortune. As for her future? She wants to put some of the money toward her education.

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"I plan to use a portion to pay for college since I want to become a nurse and take care of babies," she said.

Lucky and responsible! BRB, gonna go buy a lottery ticket now.