James White/Cosmopolitan

Taylor Swift Covers 23 Editions Of 'Cosmopolitan' For December, NBD

Is she even real?

You might think that having a crazy-popular album blowing up the charts, being hailed as the Queen of Street Style, and getting one of the biggest cities in the world to declare you their tourism ambassador would be enough success for one person's lifetime, but if that person happens to be newly minted pop diva Taylor Swift, it's all in a day's work. How she has time to breathe we'll never know.

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In addition to dropping the infectiously catchy 1989, Taylor probably thought to herself, "You know what? I think I deserve to be on a magazine cover for all of this," and British Cosmo was all, "Actually, you deserve to be on TWENTY THREE magazine covers for all this." Totes casual.

Well, Swifties, hang on to your cats and Drake-themed needlepoints, because this is the total Tay-keover (sorry, I tried) that we've been waiting for. Tay will be on the December cover of British Cosmo, as well as 23 other international editions of the mag. It's kind of amazing, but from a purely mathematical perspective that is entirely accurate and factual, Taylor Swift x 23 Cosmo covers = a level of flawless not known to man. Therefore, we are unable to put every single one here for you to see, but we rounded up our three favorites:


James White/Cosmopolitan

Is anyone else having major New Year's Eve outfit inspiration right now? She slays in this purple dress. SLAYS.


James White/Cosmopolitan

The French version of Taylor is trés amaze thanks to that beaded one-shoulder mini dress.

South Africa

James White/Cosmopolitan

At this point Taylor Swift is basically the unofficial mascot of the crop top, and the South African edition of Cosmo shows off her favorite style along with some fierce high-waisted black and white shorts that need to be in our closet. Like, immediately.

The interview appears in the December issue of Cosmopolitan, which goes on sale November 4, and is also available in a digital edition on Apple Newsstand. If you want to check out even more content from her shoot, head on over to Cosmo's UK site.