Lumberjack Captain America Is Our First Official 'Age Of Ultron' Meme

Steve Rogers, sex lumberjack.

While we were all freaking out a la Vince McMahon over Wednesday's announcement of Marvel's Phase 3 movie slate, a rather different sort of reaction was brewing in the dark corners of Tumblr.

In short, with thanks to an "Avengers: Age of Ultron" clip that made its way online after the event, Steve Rogers is now the official star of all the homoerotic lumberjack fantasies the internet never knew it wanted.

Meanwhile, the "lumberjack Steve" tag is steadily gaining traction on Tumblr.

It's a whole new world, you guys.

Also, psssst: The domain is still available!


Will this be the GIF that launched a thousand fan-fics? Only time will tell. However, it has already launched at least three, and oh man, they are filthy.