These 11 'Hunger Games' Tattoos Pay Tribute To Panem

Mockingjays, mockingjays, mockingjays.

If you're a "Hunger Games" superfan, the odds are ever in your favor... of having at least considered getting one of these cool tattoos. From portraits of our two favorite Tributes to mockingjays of all shapes and sizes, these folks have indelibly marked themselves as allies of the Girl on Fire.

1. Some tattoos pay homage to brainwashed Peeta's favorite new game.

2. Katniss is radiant as the sun in this pretty portrait.


3. Ireland Baldwin sports a tattoo of Katniss's favorite weapon.

4. A mockingjay symbol sets off a fan's favorite quote from the trilogy.

5. A trio of mockingjays pays homage to each book.

6. There's no mistaking the origins of this simple silhouette.

7. The Games' slogan gets a permanent place of honor.

8. Feeling torn between "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games?" You don't actually have to choose!

9. One sneaky fan inked a big surprise on her upper thigh.


10. Noble Peeta.

11. Finnick Odair fans are all about the trident.