This Lorde Couple's Costume Is SO On-Point

She IS Lorde -- ya ya ya!

Is this the cutest photo of Lorde and her boyfriend James Lowe ever? Nope. It's not. But only because the two people mugging up yonder are not actually Lorde and James -- they're a pair of fans all decked out, it seems, for Halloween. Mind. Blown.

Sorry for the gross-out, dudes, but it is almost Halloween.

Lorde posted the shot, copped from Zoe June's (a.k.a. fake-James') Instagram, linking back to the boy in the caption. June, appropriately, was pretty stoked, sharing even more snaps from his and fake-Lorde's photo sesh.

The resemblance is truly uncanny. I'll definitely be copping some tips for my Halloween costume this year -- because, yes, I am a grown woman and I plan to dress up as a 17-year-old for Halloween.