One Direction’s Next Music Video Leaves Louis Tomlinson In Handcuffs

Don't worry, he's not really under arrest.

Louis Tomlison has been locked up.

Well, not in real life. But in One Direction's upcoming music video, he will be. Louis was spotted having a "great time" shooting a scene in Central London on Tuesday and getting in a bit of trouble with the law.

Louis, who was looking quite handsome in a tan coat, was seen outside of what looks to be a vintage silver car, making us think he may have been pulled over for speeding. He then grabbed the cops hat before being thrown in handcuffs. We have to say: Louis, you're turning into quite the bad boy.

The other members of 1D were nowhere to be seen, but we are imagining Harry might be nursing a sore bottom this morning, since he was spotted filming his scene for the music video the day before at an ice skating rink, and taking a pretty nasty fall. But according to him, he totally meant to do it.

No word on what the concept of the video is, but they have certainly raised the bar pretty high after their last video, "Steal My Girl," which featured a chimp, a lion, Danny DeVito and a lot of wet One Direction.

According to CapitalFM, the song they are shooting the music video for may be "Night Changes," which will be featured on their upcoming album Four (November 17).

We recently caught up with co-writer of the song, Jamie Scott, who gave us a little back story of how that track came together, and it wasn't pretty.

"One of the songs on the record came from myself falling out with Julian Bunetta and John Ryan...the way we work is we all come to my house and my studio is at my house where we record the record, so we all come to my house and we hang out the boys come in," Scott explained before adding that he usually has to cut out a bit early because he has a young child. "But these guys just work through the night and one night I came down to the studio and 3 songs that I thought were sounding amazing when I left had been changed drastically through the night."

He continued, "And there is one song on the album ['Night Change'], which comes about by me calling them a name, which I won't repeat. The song is nothing about that, but the idea and the word came from me coming in the morning, because you get a bit delirious and you never quite know what your're doing but it was fine and all was resolved and we had a great song title."