Sesame Street

Watch Ice Cube Turn Into An Actual Ice Cube On 'Sesame Street'

It's astounding.

Veteran N.W.A. MC and noted Friday enthusiast Ice Cube stopped by "Sesame Street" in order to pay a visit to his good friend, Elmo. While there, he even showed off a magic trick or two.

Prepare to be ASTOUNDED.

Who knew the actor/rapper/director/producer/screenwriter was ALSO an astounding magician?

First, he made this penny disappear.

But, let's be honest. Anyone can do that.

Then, he pulled a frickin' baby dinosaur out of a hat.

Ok, he gets some props for that one.

But then... Then something truly magical happened.

Ice Cube turned himself INTO an ice cube.

An ice cube...with a goatee.

*Drops mic*

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