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You'll Flip When You See Lauren Conrad's Halloween Costume

We have known for a long time that Lauren Conrad is the queen of Halloween, so there was no doubt that she wouldn't let us down this year. Turns out LC just unveiled her 2014 costume on her website and, unsurprisingly, it's another one for the books. Any guesses? It has to do with shells. No, not a sea maiden. No, not a water nymph. OK, fine: she's gonna be a mermaid.

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Obviously, since this is Lauren Conrad we're talking about here, she didn't just go to Spirit Halloween and pick up an Ariel from The Little Mermaid costume—she made it. By hand. How do we know, you wonder? There are photos, of course.

On her website, Lauren details how to get the costume for yourself. It involves sea shells, shimmery fabric, and two colors of tulle—among, like, eight other materials—which, with three days left until Halloween, may be a bit ambitious for the majority of us.

Lauren's costume, though, is going to look incredible—so many ~sparkles~, you guys.

Sparkles that reveal that two-tone tulle—I mean, c'mon. Who does Halloween better than LC? No one. We can't help but notice Lauren's lengthy locks in these action pics, which leaves us wondering: is she gonna embrace her new, even shorter ’do as a mermaid, or is she going with a wig?

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We'll find out in a few days, which is good news, because we probably couldn't wait much longer without bursting. That's how science/combustion/anticipation work, right?