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What Should We Expect From Drake And Chris Brown On Nicki Minaj's 'Only'?

Finally, Drizzy and CB together again.

We found out on Monday (October 28) that tomorrow won't bring us the release of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V, as scheduled, but we will get a different kind of major moment for Young Money: Not only will Nicki Minaj be dropping her new single, "Only," featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown, but it'll be the first time we've heard Drizzy and Breezy on the same song since they publicly made up over the summer.

So, what should we expect from one of the year's biggest collabs?

Right now, we've got more questions than answers. But here's what comes to mind.

Will They Be Singing Or Rapping?

All of the artists on the song waver between singing and rapping. Breezy sings far more than he raps, but he's been kicking some rhymes here and there of late. Nicki and Drake both go back and forth -- often within one song -- and Minaj has dropped both rap-heavy and sing-heavy singles for her upcoming album. Heck, even Tunechi has been known to carry a tune every once and a while.

My guess is that Nicki, Wayne and Drake will all be rhyming, with Brown delivering some sort of catchy hook that'll stay stuck in your head. Even though all these MCs can create a winning hook, how do you get Chris Brown on your single and not let him man the chorus? Plus, the single art highlights Nick, Tune and Drizzy, so maybe they'll each have their own verse.

What Will It Sound Like?

The last (and only) time that we've hear Aubrey and Chris on the same track, it was the 2010 remix to CB's hit single "Deuces," where they each rhymed about a love lost -- Drake wanted her back, and Chris was saying bye. It was a soft, somber, melodic joint, that was easily fit for both rapping and singing. Dr. Luke seems to have hinted on twitter that he produced "Only," and if his recent past as a pop-hit-making savant is any indication, this'll be an upbeat joint for the radio.

Will They Address Their Past Issues And Reconciliation?

This one could go either way. Drake and Chris are both known to open up and get honest on wax. On the other hand, this is Nicki's song, so maybe they don't want their content to overshadow hers, and they'll save that kind of talk for a collab between just the two of them -- which, by the way, probably is on the way, and better be.

"Just working on music is something that we gonna continuously try to do," CB told MTV News in September.

If Not, What Will They Talk About?

The cover art is amazing. Nicki is in a superhero outfit, Drake is the Pope, and Wayne is wearing a suit. What could this all mean? Quite frankly, I have no idea. But I can't wait to find out.

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