19 Pets In Movie Halloween Costumes That Will Kill You With Adorable

It's a ruff business, but these pets are doing okay.

As many dog owners and probably hundreds of thousands of bloody cat owners would happily tell you, getting a pet to willingly wear a Halloween costume is no easy feat. But when it's all for an online contest where the prize is a free year of food and priceless photographs that last a lifetime, the rewards outweigh the risks.

That's where the "'Boo's' Buddies Halloween Costume Contest" comes in. The winner of the whole shebang will get a year's worth of Blue Buffalo food, and call us biased all you want, but we sincerely hope that one of these movie-themed costumed dogs (or cats! Yay cats!) crawls away with the prize:

1. Batman

Blue Buffalo

Is he the hero Gotham deserves? Maybe not, but he's definitely interested in a treat if you have one.

2. Rainbow Brite

Starlite was too busy scratching your furniture to pose for this picture.

3. Buzz Lightyear

To infinity, and your sock drawer.

4. Catwoman

More like, "let's go ahead and torture the cat" woman, emIright?

5. Clark Kent

"Stupid humans will never find out who I really am..."

6. Superman

Is it a bird? A plane? We're not sure, but the cat would gladly chase all of those things.

7. "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"

In it for the meatballs.

8. Darth Vader

The Force might be with you, but Vader just pooped on your lawn.

9. Princess Ariel

"Ask them my questions, and get some answers. What's a laser, and why does it -- what's the word -- point?"

10. Woody

Someone poisoned the water hole. (JK, but he did pee in it.)

11. Star Trek

"Khaaaaaaaaaaaan I please play outside?"

12. Wonder Woman

The kitteh is sad because she learned about the overall lack of female representation in superhero movies. Or because she's a cat wearing a costume. One of those.

13. Dorothy

Toto was a hack.

14. Ewok

Hopefully, this dog's master is going as C-3PO.

15. The Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow.

They don't care about courage or a brain, but a pig's ear sounds pretty great.

16. Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore.

Eeyore: "Oh crap, I lost my tail. Wait, no I didn't! I see it in the corner of my eye! I'm going to chase it and... hey, where did it go?" [Repeat until infinity.]

17. Yoda and an AT-AT walker

Hitch a ride with you, I can?

18. Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates. Just please don't eat them.

19. Minion

The only thing despicable here is the lack of candy in that basket.

BONUS TV COSTUME: Daryl from "The Walking Dead"

Looks ruff on the outside, but when he's not chasing squirrels he's just an 'ol softy.