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Watch Darth Vader Get Denied The Right To Vote In Ukraine

A guy dressed like the Sith Lord (who had legally changed his name to "Darth Vader") wouldn't remove the mask to cast his ballot.

It doesn't seem like Darth Vader would care about the democratic process -- the people of Alderaan never voted "yes" on a ballot measure to get blown up by the Death Star -- but he has become the face of voter disenfranchisement in Ukraine...because he wouldn't show his face.

Here in the U.S., voting rights are a major issue, especially as the November election approaches. Well, over in Kiev, a man formerly named Viktor Shevchenko -- who'd filed to change his name to "Darth Vader" and attempted to run as a presidential candidate, promising that "a military space station will be built" -- was turned away from the polls, because the law apparently forbids voting while masked. Here's the video:

People dressed as Stormtroopers had accompanied Vader as he rolled up in a van blasting the "Imperial March." He belongs to the Internet Party of Ukraine, which advocates for "electronic government against bureaucracy," NBC reports.

"It's sad," Darth Vader told reporters after learning that his vote wouldn't count. "The fact that I did not vote doesn't mean that my empire will not win."

In other words: Ukranian election officials, you underestimate the power of the Dark Side. And there's a reason why he wears that helmet. Would you rather have him show up to vote like this?