Kate Hudson's Matthew McConaughey Impression Is Literally Perfect

Her intonations are more than alright, alright, alright...

She's played opposite him in two romantic comedies, which more than qualifies her for some serious immersion research, but even so: we're a little shocked by Kate Hudson's spot-on impression of Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey was the honoree at this year's 28th American Cinematheque Award Gala Tribute, and his "Fool's Gold" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" co-star ascended the stage to tell a story from the "Fools Gold" set, letting loose one seriously uncanny impersonation in the process.

Hudson set the scene, saying, "There was also a time when we were shooting 'Fools Gold' and we had to get certified...for scuba diving. ...And we're way out on the Great Barrier Reef, and I had just found out that my divorce had been finalized, I was terrified of swimming with sharks, and I was just staring at the water like, 'What's happened in my life?'

Then she painted the picture, explaining, "And then out of the water pops Matthew. No shirt, full gear, spits out the regulator. And he's like..."

Even down to his physical gestures, Kate unleashes the brilliance, drawling, "Come on, Hudson – let's go baby, uh huh. It's like 1969 down there, baby, it's Woodstock, man."

Check out the brilliance for yourself in the below video. All hail Kate Hudson, queen of the McConaissance!