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'Twerking' Is Officially In The Dictionary, Along With 'Vape' And 'Adorkable'

Someone call Zooey Deschanel!

Put on your glasses and perfect that charmingly awkward grin, because "adorkable" is officially in the dictionary -- along with "meme," "vape" and "twerking." Anything can be a word now, you guys!

The BBC reports that the Collins English Dictionary has added 50,000 words to its next print edition -- which include "selfie, "onesie" and "photobomb," as well. "Adorkable" was added at the behest of Twitter users, who voted for its inclusion. Its definition? "Socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way." Awwwwwww!

Somewhere, Zooey Deschanel is snort-laughing with glee.

Other newly minted "real words" include:

al desko - (a meal, esp lunch) at one's desk at one's place of work

Bitcoin - a system of open source peer-to-peer software for the creation and exchange of (payment in) a certain type of cryptocurrency.

kawaii - a Japanese artistic and cultural style that emphasizes the quality of cuteness, using bright colours and characters with a childlike appearance

meme - an idea or element of social behaviour passed on through generations in a culture, esp by imitation

photobomb - to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject's knowledge

preload - to consume alcoholic drinks at home before going to a social gathering

textonym - one of two or more words that can be generated by pressing the same key combinations on a mobile phone: 'kiss' and 'lips' are textonyms

twerking - a provocative dance performed by moving the hips rapidly back and forth while standing with the feet apart and raising and lowering the body in a squatting motion

vape - to inhale nicotine vapour (from an electronic cigarette). Thus vaping, and vaper (one who vapes).