4 Things That Made Keanu Reeves Geek Out As A Kid


Keanu Reeves is the rare actor that isn't afraid to let himself and his own interests shine through in the movies that he works on. His love of kung-fu and martial arts movies is evident.

So when we talked to him about his new movie, "John Wick," we asked what young Keanu was into.

1. Frank Miller Comics

"Frank Miller's work had a big impact, the 'Dark Knight' series, four-chapter 'The Wolverine.' I always wanted to play Wolverine. I missed that one. They got a great Wolverine."

(Note: It's really satisfying to hear Keanu say 'snikt.')

2. Marvel Comics In General

"There was a series, 'Sage,' that was cool. 'New Mutants.' 'Ghost Rider.'"

3. Hong Kong Kung-Fu Movies

"When I was a kid, I had a little black-and-white TV. This channel on Sundays would play Hong Kong kung-fu movies. I dug those."

4. "Star Wars"

"I was the kid in the cinema who saw the first trailer for 'Star Wars.' Sure, why not? They'll do some cool stuff. I'm looking forward to buying a ticket and checking it out."

Bonus: Not Doctor Strange

Despite the whirlwind of internet rumors, Reeves says there's nothing to the "Doctor Strange" talk.

"I've caught that recently, he said. "I've got to read some Doctor Strange or call my agent or see what's going on."

"John Wick" opens in theaters on October 24.