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This Is Why Kanye West's Rants Are Actually A Good Thing

There's a message here.

The Kanye West rant has become just as noteworthy as the Kanye West beat and the Kanye West verse. In a climate where everyone wants to go viral, all Kanye has to do to make the news cycle is open his mouth.

Whether he's going on about classism, the fashion world's barriers or the big bad media, West always speaks with a passionate tongue. More often than not, though, Yeezy's been ridiculed for those fiery, stream of consciousness outbursts. But while most write him off as a crybaby, I'd argue that Kanye's rants are ultimately a good thing.

West's latest rave, which was less rant-y than usual, came on Monday night in Los Angeles, where he got fired up for his G.O.O.D. Music artist Teyana Taylor at a listening for her upcoming VII project.

"Sometimes, I be a little bit less expressive because mother----ers wanna Michael Jackson me to death and sh–," West told the crowd, before admitting he was "scared to turn-up."

Still, in true Kanye fashion, he turned up and claimed that "they" (we're assuming "they" is Def Jam) wanted to drop Big Sean, Pusha T and Teyana before Yeezy swooped in and gave them some G.O.O.D. Music attention.

“This is about artistry and fighting for artists to get their visions out, like it says in the name of the label, Getting Out Our Dreams," he hollered.

West went on a similar tirade last year at a listening party for Pusha T, blasting "culture vultures," "corporations" and sell-outs."

Granted, if you're living check-to-check, it might hard to hear millionaire 'Ye hoot and holler about sell-outs and corporate bigwigs. When was the last time West had to scrounge up his dollars to pay the rent, right? It's a fight most of us can't relate to.

Still, when you stop and listen to what Kanye is saying, he's delivering some pretty inspirational and aspirational messages, all while the majority of our favorite pop stars today stay quiet. I don't know about you, but hearing Kanye scream bloody murder about the barriers in the fashion industry makes me think about the hurdles I had to clear to get where I am in my career, and the obstacles that I'm bound to face in order to get where I'm going.

After I graduated college, I held a job in a corporate mailroom for a clothing catalog company. I was pretty good at delivering mail, but trying to convince my bosses that I was an even better writer who could handle catalog copy was like banging my head up against the wall. All they saw was the kid in the mailroom, and how could he be good with a pen, right?

That had to be how 'Ye felt as a producer wanting to break into rap. Why would Jay Z want the guy who made the beat for "Izzo" to rap? Just keep on making beats. It sounds like Kanye is going through the same emotions again these days, trying to convince the fashion world that he can do more than design Air Yeezys.

Even when West got combative with MTV's own Sway Calloway, there was a message there, he just chose the wrong guy -- arguably one of the coolest guys in the world -- to turn up on.

What most of us took away from the interview was the "how Sway?!" and "It ain't Ralph though" memes, but what was mostly overlooked was the frustration of a man who says he lost $13 million trying to break his own clothing line.

I'll admit, I don't agree with every Kanye West rant, but each one makes me stop and think. There's an entire generation of people who are just tired of being told what they can't be, and if there's no celebrity out there who understands that, at least we'll always have Kanye Motherf---in' West.