13 Terrifying Movie Scenes That Happen In Bed

Watch horror movies try and fail to ruin bed.

In a world that can be cruel, random and unjust, bed is one of the few objective goods. There's literally nothing bad about bed. It's something that was invented with the sole purpose of being comfortable.

But I digress.

Of course, the inherent goodness of bed makes it the perfect target for horror movies, which have always sought out everyday things to inject horror into. This being the case, let's take a look back at some terrifying sequences that tried to ruin bed forever.

1. "Nightmare on Elm Street"

Not only does Freddy Krueger try to destroy bed, but he also make everyone afraid of naps, which is a major d--k move.

2. "The Exorcist"

On one hand, Regan's bed is even comfier after her possession, due to the extra padding. On the other, the devil's inside her.

3. "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

This little-seen Guillermo del Toro production managed to make sheets scary with a single trailer.

4. "Paranormal Activity"

Most of the first movie is about bad stuff happening while you sleep. Not cool.

5. "Poltergeist"

You've probably repressed most of Tobe Hooper's PG nightmare-a-thon, but whoops. Now you're scared of anthropomorphized clown dolls coming to kill you.

6. "Mama"

This is why it's best to get bed frames that don't have any space under them. Yes, because of Mama.

7. "Insidious"

Oh, what's that outside? Nope, now it's inside and interrupting what would have been a solid eight hours of sleep.

8. "Dawn of the Dead"

Anything that wakes me up early is a nuisance. Zombie children is just one example.

9. "Misery"

Hey, hobbling is an excuse to not get out of bed.

10. "Rosemary's Baby" (NSFW)

That trippy dream you had with the boat and the devil might not have been a dream. GOOD NIGHT!

11. "The Birds"

Let's just open the window for a cool breeze — and now I don't have eyes.

12. "The Shining"

I don't— I don't even know.

13. "Se7en"

Sloth almost lived the dream. Sometimes you have to fly too close to the sun.

I love bed.