Lorde's Dog Knows Things We Cannot Comprehend

His eyes. They're deep as pools.

We all fancy ourselves deep. We ruminate on life's mysteries. We stare at the stars trying to see past them to the whirling core of the universe. We read Proust. But none of us can be as deep, fellow aesthetes, as Lorde's dog. You heard me.

Young Miss Ella tweeted the below photo of her pooch this week, and while her face is fixed in a very un-Lorde-like smile, her dog's mug... Her dog's mug is a mask of pain. A mask of consternation. It's as if he has stared into the abyss and found it lacking.

Lorde's most-favored beast clearly knows all the secrets that this life holds. Forget Buddha. Forget Jaden Smith. Forget even the Dalai Lama, although he sees more than we ever will...

Teach us your ways, Lorde's dog. Teach us the meaning of life.