Wiz Khalifa's 'Stayin Out All Night' Video Is A Choose Your Own Adventure

Party hard.

Wiz Khalifa has released some party-themed videos before, but none like "Stayin Out All Night."

That's because it isn't a video as much as it's an adventure -- a choose your own adventure, actually. And in this case, choose your own adventure means choose how you want to watch Wiz and actress Tia Carrere (of "Wayne's World" fame) spend their night filled with debauchery. All visualized by Director X.

Which do you prefer: Wedding crashing, or getting wasted? What about getting tatted or trespassing? Stealing a cop car, or a rescue mission? And those aren't the only options.

There are more than a few ways to experience the new visual for the Pittsburgh rapper's Blacc Hollywood single, and they're all equally fun and ridiculous.

Also, he takes a selfie with a gorilla, because no wild night is complete without one of those.