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Beyonce? Taylor? Britney? Who Is The Ultimate Pop Queen?

Your votes decide who enters VH1’s Pop Queen Faceoff.

VH1 has set out to settle an age-old debate: Who is the real Queen of Pop? They're digging through the past 30 years of pop's female royalty and will crown only one with the honorable title of Pop Queen.

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They've narrowed their list down to their selection to the Top 19, but it's up to you to take it from there. Yep, your votes decide with eight divas will battle it out in the Pop Queen Faceoff bracket.

Could it be Madonna?

She's the original Material Girl, after all, and she practically laid the foundation for future young stars.

But, what about Beyoncé?

She's already been dubbed the Queen Bey and puts every other modern diva to shame.

Seriously, though. Britney Spears.

She saved an entire generation of pop devotees from the unshowered nether regions of '90s alt-rock.

Ummmm, OK, but what about Taylor Swift?

Although she started her career in country music, she's slowly but surely making pop her new queendom. Just listen to "Welcome To New York."

Ready your fingers, and exercise your right to vote now before the polls close on Friday (October 24). And please: try to keep it civil. C'mon, we said please.

Vote For VH1's Pop Queen Faceoff Here!