Selena Gomez Channels 'Beetlejuice' For Mystery Shoot

It's been a hot minute since we've seen the results of a Selena Gomez photo shoot, which is a shame, TBH, because she slays at #WERKING in front of the camera. Well, our dry spell is about to end—it seems—because Selly just posted a few photos from a very mysterious Beetlejuice-esque shoot.

The photos feature Selena in a black and white striped trench. At first glance it may look like an outfit appropriate for work, but then it's revealed it is probably not.

Mostly because underneath the coat are no pants and no shirt, just a very cut-out bathing suit.

In keeping with the ~vibe~ introduced by the bathing suit, Selena's hair is wet. Does that stop it from flipping to its full ability, though? Nah. Definitely nah.

While Selena didn't reveal what the photos are for, she did tag a number of people involved in the shoot, including stylists Chloe and Marie-Lou Bartoli, hair salon Nine Zero One, and photographer Aris Jerome, who shared this color photo.

Ugh, the anticipation is killing me, y'all. What is this forrrr? When will we see it in full? Will it be in color or black-and-white?!? So many questions, so few answers—I'll be keeping Selena's Instagram open 24/7 until all is revealed.