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Watch What Jason Momoa Did In His 'Game Of Throne's Audition Tape To Prove He Was Khal Drogo

It's called the haka, try to keep up.

Jason Momoa, better known to "Game Of Thrones" fans as Khal Drogo held nothing back when he was auditioning for the role. Momoa's portrayal of the Dothraki lord is easily one of the show's highlights, but this unearthed video of him auditioning for the part back in 2012 is even more delightful.

Momoa brings a fervent and fiercely passionate energy to the audition immediately, and he is apparently performing a traditional Maoridance called the haka. The dance has nothing to do with "Game Of Thrones" itself, but it helped convey the kind of intensity Momoa would bring to the role—even if it was just for nine episodes. He was born in Hawaii and has talked before about his fascination with Polynesian culture, so his choice makes sense.

"We come from the same [Polynesian] culture," Momoa explained last year to the New Zealand site stuff. "When I found out more about the Maori culture I fell in love with it, and with the people too. There's a lot of pride here which I love, being Hawaiian and being part of the US I love but our Hawaiian culture perishes a little bit, and it's really supported out here. There are few indigenous cultures that have done as well as the Maori."

As far as why he chose the dance, the actor said he thought it conveyed the warrior mentality in a fluid way.

"It's very, very powerful, and I wanted to capture that," he said. "I just thought it was apt for the role because it's beautiful and scary."

Although, there are going to be flashbacks in this next season, so perhaps we'll get another peek at Drogo/Momoa through one of these time jumps.

In the meantime, watch this flashback to before Jason was a Dothraki lord and the dance that proved he could handle being royalty: