Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

This Pub Just Broke The Record For The World's Longest Concert

Over 360 hours of music. Wow.

The show must go on. And on, and on. An Irish pub on the Las Vegas strip is doing it’s best to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert By Multiple Artists.

The Ri Ra Pub in The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay has not stopped hosting live music since October 1st. How have they managed to pull off this sonic marathon?

According to the AP, Ri Ra has been flying in Irish musicians for weeks to fortify their attempt at the record. This includes Liam Reilly of Irish band Bagatelle and Dave Browne, who is something of a secret weapon: Browne holds the current Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon Guitar Playing. In 2011 he played for 114 hours and six minutes at the Temple Bar Pub, in Dublin.

The previous concert record was 15 days, set in 2011 at a Michigan Cafe.

In order to qualify for the record, artists at Ri Ra have been playing nonstop, with only 25 second breaks between songs and five minute breaks between sets. You have to respect the indomitable spirit of any musician willing to play Irish music at 7 a.m. on the Strip.

Yesterday at 1 p.m. the record was finally smashed after more than 360 hours of music.