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The Cast Of 'The T Word' Shares The Big 'T' In Their Lives

The T in LGBT stands for 'transgender,' but it means something personal to these 'T Word' cast members.

Tonight (October 17) marks the premiere of "Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word" on MTV and Logo TV. The documentary follows seven young transgender people, revealing their trials and their triumphs. There's the first openly transgender Division I athlete, a 12-year-old who had to transfer schools after administrators refused to recognize her as a female, and more compelling stories.

In the documentary, which Cox hosted and produced, the actress says that the "T" in LGBT traditionally stands for "transgender," but can take on a more personal and specific meaning. With that in mind, we asked Cox and some of the cast members of the documentary what the big "T" in their lives was. Check out their answers below, and be sure to tune in tonight to "Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word," immediately followed by an aftershow on

"Beyond truth and trans, one of the big Ts for me would probably be trying. Because at the end of the day we can think whatever, but it's like, what are we going to do? Because as long as we're trying, I think that goes a long way. Trying, for me, is more about process than it is about result. I love the word trying. I'm trying. Because it's an emphasis on process and practice and not the result." -- Laverne Cox

"The big T in my life would absolutely be Truth. Being trans is a part of my truth, but it is more than just that. It has allowed me to live openly and honestly in every facet in my life. Because I have embraced my authentic self, I can share my truth in a way that promotes love and acceptance for all humans. When I am openly living my truth, I can admire and celebrate other people's truths and journeys to become themselves. -- Shane Henise, "The T Word" cast member

"The T in my life is....taking the time I need to figure myself out. There is more to me then just being Trans*" -- Kye Allums, "The T Word" cast member

"The T means truth. Oftentimes it's hard to live in your truth. For me, I choose to live in my truth unapologetically." -- Daniella Carter, "The T Word" cast member

Whether you're transgender or not, what's your T? Tell us in the comments.

Be sure to tune in to "Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word" on Friday, October 17 at 7 p.m. ET on MTV. Then catch up with Laverne and the cast on the aftershow immediately ater the special airs.

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